Hiragana/katakana learning application: developer wanted

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I have a side project related to learning Japanese. You can find a demo here. I’m looking for a Javascript developer to improve it so we can launch a version on the app store. We can do a revenue split depending on how well it does.

For me this is a side project to experiment with Apache/Cordova and application design while learning Japanese. I am also scratching a personal itch: I couldn’t any decent looking app to learn hiragana and katakana. I have a deep understanding of CSS and can provide the design/features direction.

I would like most parts to be webviews but if it’s logical to use a native component, let’s do that. For now I am mostly looking to release this as an iOS app. Currently the code is based on Angular using Ionic framework but this is up for discussion. If you are interested, let’s talk: hirakata@johanronsse.be.

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