I made a small documentary about Tokyo Indie Fest 2015

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One of my main software projects (which I unfortunately can tell nothing about) is close to a first release. The developers are working hard to iron out the last bugs. As the designer I suddenly found myself with a lot of free time on my hands.

My dream has always been to make a movie. Every time I watch a movie I analyze the shots carefully. I’m usually more interested in the technical side than the actual story.

I had dabbled with iMovie and Final Cut (Pro X) before but it never felt like I could actually make a proper movie with them. These apps felt like toys to me.

I decided to learn Adobe Premiere and I must say it’s pretty awesome. Lynda.com was a great help to get up to speed with the different functions of Premiere. The photography skills I picked up before helped with this project as well.

The problem was that I didn’t really have any material to practice with, so I decided to make it a real project. I wanted to do a small movie on indie game makers. I went to the Tokyo Indie Fest conference and interviewed 5 people about their game. I had the lovely assistance from my girlfriend to be the second camera person.

The material was then edited using Adobe Premiere and Audition. What we used for this film is pretty bare bones: a cheap lavalier mic from Sony, a DIY lavalier mic, a tripod, 2 iPhones, a recorder and a Sony RX100 III. It worked but as you will hear in the video the place was noisy as hell. Even after a lot of sound editing it still sounds kind of bad; that’s a lesson for later.

I am already thinking about new documentary ideas and how to make the next one better. Enjoy the movie!

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