VR bits (2): VR accessories

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At CES 2017, HTC announced the HTC Vive tracker, which is kind of an accessory to create other VR accessories. The idea is that you attach it to real-life objects to then use these in VR. For example you could attach it to a (special) baseball bat, which would enable you to bat in VR. The demo also included a rifle, which would then make you feel like you are shooting a real gun, since you’re holding a rifle instead of just a pair of controllers.

As the Vive matures, there’s more and more accessories coming for it. There were controllers for your feet so you could kind of simulate “walking”. Even if you basically have to stay in the same room.

I even heard about some company making a jacket that emits heat, to kind of simulate firefighting. I’m not so sure about this but there’s definitely a lot of people trying a lot of different things.

I’m looking for a good opportunity to try out the Vive. I tried it on at Kikk, but only for a brief moment. It’s about €950 which is a bit steep to just go and buy it, even when I already have a gaming PC that could drive the graphics.

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