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A few days I subscribed to the Kermode podcast. I listened to one very long episode and I already love it.

They were talking about Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (★★★), and even interviewed the director Martin McDonagh. Last night I saw this film and I must say it was very, very good.

It even surpassed Molly’s Game (another recent opener) (★★) if I would have to make a ranking. This film is Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut. You might know Aaron Sorkin as the screenwriter behind various fantastic works like The Newsroom, A Few Good Men and The Social Network.

I’ve also seen All The Money in the World (★★), the latest Ridley Scott film. You might have heard about a frantic reshoot after it was revealed what Kevin Spacey had done; the reshoot seemingly didn’t affect this film at all. I thought the performances were strong and this movie had me entertained throughout.

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