Movie recents (May 2018)

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I check the cinema offering every week and to be honest, these days the offering is a bit disappointing. Oscar season has ended and not a lot is being released anymore. Cannes just happened but usually those films only land in the cinema much later.

So, to get my movie fix, I mostly resorted to streaming this month. You can stream the first 3 listed movies below yourself by using Universcine. Streaming a movie is usually something like €4. I swear I am not being paid to put this here, I just like this service. I set up my PayPal account to not have to verify for small purchases and when I make my choice I am usually watching a film in seconds.

La Fille Inconnue (The unknown girl) (★★★)

The brothers Dardenne make movies that are usually social dramas situated in “poor” neighborhood Seraing in Liege, Belgium. This movie is no different. I found this to be a gripping story of a doctor who becomes obsessed with something shocking that happened in her life. It’s best to see this one without any spoilers really.

Daphne (★)

This film follows a woman in her thirties who has some problems in her life and resorts to one night stands and a lot of drinking. Even though it is a relatively short movie it takes too long to make any point whatsoever. I really wanted to like this film but it just falls short in the end.

La Vie d’Adéle (Blue is the warmest colour) (★★★)

This is a coming-of-age movie that follows young Adéle (played by Adéle Exarchopoulos, who you might have seen in Le Fidéle (The Racer and the Jailbird). It’s a film about love, about discovering things about yourself. Don’t watch this one with your parents or it might get awkward.

Solo: a Star Wars Story (★★1/2)

I went into this with low expectations and just found it to be a fun movie that I enjoyed watching – even though I disliked the acting of both leads. I can’t help but think of Danaerys from Game of Thrones when I see Emilia Clarke. I had the same problem with Robin Wright in Blade Runner 2049.

This film does however continue to diminish the value of a “Star Wars” movie. When TFA came in cinemas I thought they were on to something. Now after seeing all of the “new” Star Wars films (including the very disappointing Last Jedi) I don’t think these films are all that special anymore.

Sure, some of them are fun to watch, and you’ll have a good time in cinema. But the mythical aspect sort of disappeared.

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