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I am a casual user of Android. I only use Android every once in a while, such as now, while my iPhone is in repair. I’ve owned several Android Phones over the years, mostly Google ones.

I choose to use Android sometimes, just to stay up to date with what is happening, so I can design better apps.

But every time I go to the Android world I get such a bad impression.

I am using a Google Pixel which is supposed to be a flagship phone.

I charged it a couple of days ago and then didn’t touch it until today. The battery is completely drained. I suppose this is software related, because I’ve experienced similar things with an Android tablet I have and every Android phone I have had in the past.

If you don’t touch the device for a few days, it’s just dead. Sometimes I don’t use my iPad for a while. If I come back to it, it usually still has some battery left – at least enough to use it from the charger, if not more.

Now the Google Pixel is charging and it gets super hot. I really don’t get it. This was a €700+ phone that was supposed to the top of the bill in the Android world. It’s not.

And I only bought after returning the horrible LG G6 which was so bad that I returned it after a single day.

The battery drain, the overheating. I’ve never experienced this with iPhones.

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