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Last week the new website for Routify was published, which now has a blog. You can read the announcement about the 1.5 release here.

The design for the Routify home page

Within the Routify project, I am taking on various roles that don’t have too much to do with the coding of the project itself: design for the documentation website, promoting Routify on the web (Follow @routifyjs) and answering community questions. In the process I am learning a lot.

Yesterday, Routify was plugged by Rich Harris (creator of Svelte) himself during Svelte Society Day. We were happy about that!

Currently, there is some confusion about where Routify is going which we hope to clear up soon. Routify will become the “router” whereas a new project called Roxi will become the app framework using the router.

This app framework will be plugin-based, for example, if you need SCSS support, you can install the plugin. There will also be a CLI-based project setup wizard. And unlike the current routify-starter template it will provide an upgrade path.

Now, none of this is set in stone. Building the Roxi project will probably be a multi-month process. If you are interested in getting involved, definitely check out the Discord.

P.S. The entire code for the Routify website is open source (see the Github repo).

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