Building community in open source: Svelte edition

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Now that Svelte Society Day happened there is a lot of talk about improving the community around Svelte.

Efforts have been made in the past, with the biggest one being Svelte Community by swyx.

I feel that now we have improve upon these efforts, but also connect these efforts to the “official channels” in a good manner.

The current Svelte website contains some excellent parts:

  • The REPL which is used and loved
  • The interactive tutorial which remains the awesomest way to learn Svelte
  • The API docs which are pretty complete and accurate

There’s also some less excellent things:

  • A blog where nothing has been posted for a year, and where the only author is Rich
  • An FAQ menu item, that links out to Github, to a FAQ that is kind of out of date
  • No connection to community efforts
  • A homepage that needs some housekeeping, particularly the section with company logos and contributors which is bursting at the seams

In order to reach the community level of other Javascript frameworks, a conscious effort needs to be made to move forward.

For anyone who is interested in contributing to this, I encourage you to read the topics that Kev has posted on svelte-society/site .

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