The 11 Figma plugins I immediately installed again on a new account

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When you create a new Figma account, all your plugins are gone. This creates an interesting situation where you’ll only install plugins that you actually use.

The plugin list on my Mono Figma account is huge from trying things in the past and not cleaning it up. But my new freelance account, it’s clean. Here’s the first 12 plugins I installed:

AutocropCrop the space around an image
SimilayerFind similar layers based on properties
RetextifierBatch edit text
Feather iconsQuickly add feather icons. I should make something similar for Mono Icons I think…
TinyFacesQuickly add in an avatar
Restore image dimensionsGet the original image dimensions of a resized image
QuantizerThis is my secret weapon to put items on a grid
Variable width strokeCool for illustration work
TextCutterMy own plugin to cut multiline text into pieces
SmoothShadowBetter shadows
Scale>>Better Kinda like Sketch’s scale tool

Now I’m looking for a plugin to detach all named styles in batch. If anybody knows something, let me know!

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