IntelliJ Idea: run stylelint after save

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It is time to drop some esoteric knowledge again, for the Googling people that get into the same pickle as me. And for myself, when I have this problem on a new machine.

So the problem is as follows: sometimes you get into a situation where formatting on save goes against the rules set in your project’s .stylelintrc. I got into this situation where, for a reason unbeknowst, the editor was intent on removing the spaces between the parentheses in code like this:

@media ( max-width: 500px ) {


So basically changing it to…

@media (max-width: 500px) {


I personally think that is the best formatting, but to stop syntax discussions the coding gods have invented eslint and stylelint, and who am I, as a new dev on the team, to go against a rule? I don’t even want to have those discussions anyway.

If you’re curious, it’s this stylelint rule.

"media-feature-parentheses-space-inside": "always"

I took me a while, but… after combining several blog posts I found the right settings. You will need to go to Tools > File Watchers in the settings (you will need the File Watchers plugin), and create a new setting. These are the settings you need:

  • Program: $ProjectFileDir$/node_modules/.bin/stylelint
  • Arguments: $FilePath$ --fix -s scss --config $ProjectFileDir$/.stylelintrc
  • Output paths to refresh: $FilePath$

In the process I learned that IntelliJ Idea has even more settings than I thought.

BTW. I think after many years of just happily coding without any IDE “help”, I think I might have found my new editor. VSCode never really sat with me. But I can work with this.

Happy coding!

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