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Resilient Web Design” by @adactio is an important book. Many of the references are among the best writing I’ve read during years of learning about web design. My only critique that – as a designer of highly interactive applications – the example of PE is way too simplistic. But I guess that’s just where I’ve never agreed with Jeremy anyway.

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  • Jurgen Lust says:

    He does succeed in explaining the importance of progressive enhancement in a reasonable way, with great arguments, without getting religious. About the examples he gives, I don’t agree they are too simplistic. We’ve been building the CMS frontend at De Persgroep, which is also a very interactive application (or set of applications), with progressive enhancement all the way, and it has been a success so far.

    Identifying the core functionality of an application usually isn’t that hard, if you use common sense, but you have to look beyond all the fancy interactivity and ask what it is the application should do. During a conversation with a fellow developer recently, I was very surprised that he identified the core functionality of an app as the fluid animations and the fact that you don’t get page reloads, when in fact the core functionality of the application boiled down to choosing an item from a list, changing its status and adding a comment.

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