Movie recents (April 2018)

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These are the films I’ve seen in cinema in April 2018.

Avengers: Infinity War ★★1/2

After the boringness of Black Panther I wondered for a second what I was doing at another Marvel screening, but I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. Pro-tip: if you never saw Age of Ultron and you’re not up to date with the comics maybe it’s a good idea to see this one first.

Game Night ★★1/2

This film has been running in cinemas for a while and it is surprisingly good. I saw this immediately after the lengthy 2h29 Avengers and you would think after seeing such a big movie I’d be disappointed by a small one. Nope! I laughed a lot and the whole film just smoothly flowed from scene to scene leaving me curious and engaged until the end.

Isle of Dogs ★

This is a weird one where I feel the art department should maybe win an Oscar for their work, yet as a film it is no good. It might have been tiredness but I literally almost fell asleep. I do have to state that, except for the Gran Budapest Hotel, I just don’t like Wes Anderson films in general. Quirky, not too much of a story, a big emphasis on style? This one yet again checks a lot of these Anderson boxes.

Wien is ‘t Hof van Commerce? (1/2)

A poor documentary/mockumentary about West-Flemish rap group ‘t Hof van Commerce. I learned absolutely nothing and if the object was to be funny it did not work. To whoever edited this movie: why the constant loopback effect? It almost looks like you learned to use Final Cut the same day you edited the film. On a positive note the music is still a lot of fun and I was reminded of some classic songs.

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