Movie recents (February + March 2018)

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It’s time for another film roundup. These are the films I’ve seen in cinema in February and March 2018.

Phantom Thread ★★★ 1/2 

PT Anderson’s best movie in a while. I am definitely going to watch this one again. I’ve seen every Oscar nominee for “Best Picture” besides Darkest hour and this one one should have won in my opinion.

The Square ★★1/2 

A Swedish movie. I went into this with low expectations but this was unexpectedly good. In a way it feels a bit like a quality series and not a movie but nonetheless I thought it was very good.

Red Sparrow ★★★ 1/2 

Red Sparrow is so much better than the reviews out there say it is. I bought a beer before the show, opened it when the film started and when the credits rolled I realized it was still nearly full. A solid 2h20 of great entertainment.

Call Me by Your Name ★★★ 

While perhaps a bit too long, this is a great story with some really memorable moments. It has a certain sweetness and peaceness to it, like a summer that never ends.

I, Tonya ★1/2 

I did not really enjoy “I, Tonya”. It felt like a TV movie. Maybe the small-scale plot with not much actually happening just wasn’t for me. Kudos to Margot Robbie for both (co-)producing and starring a movie at 27 years old though!

Lady Bird ★★

Expectations are important. For months I’d been hearing that Lady Bird is brilliant. I was expecting a Boyhood-esque coming of age movie. I found it to be enjoyable but I felt very emotionally detached to Lady Bird and her 16-year-old problems. I guess I am not the target audience.

Black Panther ★

For me this was another Marvel snoozefest. It might have been the jetlag as I was coming back from a trip, but I literally fell asleep. For me a film it doesn’t work. It’s as if three stories were forcefully merged into one. I thought maybe after Logan maybe Marvel picked things up again to start their movies with an interesting premise. But this  just didn’t work for me.

The★ scoring system is explained in this post.

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