Expand stroke-based SVGs in batch using an Illustrator script

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I was in the situation where had a bunch of SVGs, but they were stroke-based, from feather-icons.com.

I don’t trust the cross-browser rendering of SVG strokes. It leads to problems when trying to color the icons with CSS as well – so I needed the expanded versions. There are over 200 icons in the set. Expanding them manually took too much time so I looked around and found a script.

Convert SVG icons that are stroke-based to expanded shapes in Illustrator. Use the Scripts functionality to run this script.

It took about 10 minutes to expand everything but at least I didn’t have to do it manually ?.

Original script found at Adobe Forums.

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  • Yuli says:

    It worked great! I used it for 800+ icons.

    I had a few issues with Illustrator suddenly crashing (and had to process smaller batches of about 100-150) but other than that it performed awesome.

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