CSS day 2019 is over (and it was great!)

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Just like last year I went to CSS day – and I had a blast. Two days filled with a well curated programme. Perfect organization in a perfect venue. This year I took two of my colleagues along – Eva and Emily – and judging from their feedback they had a great time as well.

Oh beautiful Amsterdam.
Actually a photo from last year.

In this first post in a series about CSS Day I want to say something about the organization.

Hot damn!

Like I said on Twitter I want to congratulate the conference team on a job well done. As a visitor it felt effortless to navigate the conference, the breaks and timings of everything was right, the food was great, the internet worked well etc.

When nothing goes wrong, you sort of take it for granted, but I know that doing this in a good way takes a lot of effort under the hood. So just saying I am genuinely impressed by the smoothness of it all.

For me a conference is really a few days of thinking. With lots of input but also lots of output as well. Your head is filled with ideas which you then discuss with peers to bounce back & forth and refine your thoughts. It’s pretty awesome.

My head is filled with information now and if you would chart the synaptic activity in my brain during conference days I think you might just see a huge spike. And now that info has to somehow get processed as well… using my favorite thinking process…. writing!

In the next few days (weeks?) I will be publishing reports on the different sessions as I process my notes and think everything through. I hope that for those who couldn’t attend that these blog posts can serve as references to some of the highlights of the conference.

That’s it for today, I have to go attend a wedding party. There are worse things in life right?

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