Svelte Club: a very low-key Svelte meetup

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When I lived in Japan, I went to a meetup that would get organized every few weeks, and it was all about learning Swift. People with different coding levels, from beginners to more advanced devs would meet and share their progress in learning Swift.

I want to start the same thing for Svelte now, this kind of low-key meetup where we talk about what we learned, our struggles, how we are progressing etc. My idea would be to hold a first event with a maximum of 5 persons – and just get together for 1,5 to 2 hours on an evening, drink something, talk about Svelte and we’ll see from there.

It would be organized in Antwerp, probably close to Berchem station.

No current investment in Svelte needed, just an interest and the intent to get started. If you are up to it, send me an e-mail at or a DM on Twitter.

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