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Joe Chesky, AirBnB CEO makes an observation on why designers never run companies in his sit-down with Figma CEO Dylan Field titled “Leading through uncertainty”:

“…I think because design, in some ways, is fragile. Companies are organized around a scientific method. And the creative process is something that requires nerve. And over the years, I started losing my nerve. I brought in a lot of people from a lot of different companies and they brought their way of working towards us. So what do we do? We basically divisionalize. We had like 10 different divisions, with 10 different subdivisions. We were very much ran by product managers. We had a plethora of A-B experiments. And the thing I started noticing is, the more people we added, the more projects we pursued, the less our app changed, and the more the cost went up. And I didn’t know what to do?”

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