Time to bootstrap

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I am starting something on the side, with the goal of bootstrapping a side business. The idea is to

  • build in public
  • build something that’s real (people can sign up, use it, it provides value)
  • see if ideas get traction (or not)
  • experiment and learn new things

In the past I’ve worked on small products like Kana Master and Keynote Extractor. It’s been a few years since I built and launched a product, and I feel energized to do it now.

What do I want to achieve? Chatting to another fellow indie hacker, the definition of “success” can vary wildly. Having a steady ARR that brings in some cash while having low maintenance can be interesting. For sure something could grow into something bigger. You can’t predict the future but you can get started building and learning and seeing which turns things will take, based on your actions.

One problem I always have is that I am not a backend developer. Over the past few years I’ve added more front-end knowledge to my skillset (e.g. React, Typescript, mostly out of necessity, and Svelte – out of interest). I can build out fully-fledged reactive user interfaces with a solid design, but when it comes to databases and to APIs I am pretty poor.

If any of this sounds at all interesting and you’d like to discuss it – shoot me an e-mail: letsbootstrap@johanronsse.be .

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