Current projects


Mono is an interface design company. We help shape the experience of digital products. I founded Mono together with my partner Xavier Bertels.
Talk: Understanding User Interface Design
A 30 minute talk in which I explain what the work of a user interface designer entails.
An Introduction to Designing Universal Windows Platform applications
I was excited about Windows 10 and researched everything I could to compile this article that provides designers with an introduction on how to design for the new UWP context.
UI thoughts
Quick, unedited and raw thoughts on UI design
5 games we loved at Tokyo Indie Fest 2015
My first mini documentary. Learned a lot about video editing in the process.
Personal blog about music, films, games etc. (in Dutch)



Your friendly guide to Japan - やさしい日本ガイド
After travelling to Japan I decided to write a bit about Japan.
Wolf's Little Store (version 5)
The 5th and final iteration of the Wolf's Little Store website. Xavier joins as partner.
Raving about an online course to learn Computer Science. My interest did not last very long but I did learn some basic C.


Wolf’s Little Store (version 4)
The fourth iteration, focussing on interface design for applications.


Designing better user interfaces
A presentation on the usability of common interface elements e.g. select boxes, maps and lightboxes.
Johan Ronsse Photography
A brief stint as a photographer. I realized I didn’t want to start at the bottom of the ladder as a photographer while UI design was my true love. However, I’m glad that I have the skills I learned. Reviewed various mirrorless cameras in the process.


Designing for iOS
I started to become interested in application design for touch screens. This presentation details the design process of ConcertWall, an app to find the best concerts in your area.
Design for Developers
A presentation to grasp the basics of design for developers. Somehow this got more than 150 000 views on Slideshare which led to me making more presentations.
Guide to New York City
Some tips on visiting New York. Some of this might be horribly outdated so YMMV.


Wolf’s Little Store (version 3)
Wolf’s Little Store is now an official company. This version of the portfolio features various kinds of work while I was figuring out my direction as a newborn freelancer.


2009: A Year in Review
A follow-up of 2008’s editorial design experiment.
Wolf’s Little Store - Version 2
The 2nd iteration of the website, this time in Dutch. With more experiments in editorial design and per-article layouts.


2008: A Year in Review
A first real editorial design experiment.
Catalog of Visual Interestingness
A blog with found images. Before Tumblr image blogs were cool.


Wolf’s Little Store - Version 1
While working for my first agency job I wrote about web design. At the time I was obsessed with learning how to work productively with the myriad of tools you need to make websites, so this is mostly about that.