Coding on the iPad Pro: how?

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I am trying to find a solution to be able to use the iPad Pro for coding.

So far what I’ve got is Coda where I can use the iPad in split screen mode to create a small website. It could be useful for some basic HTML/CSS work, but that’s about it.

Ideally I’ll find an app where I can import a git repo, where I am able to run commands like npm install, commit to said git repo, and ultimately deploy the website via SSH.

The way iOS works doesn’t make this an easy task; almost all of this depends on having a real filesystem.


  • Wim Leers says:

    Just SSH into a server where you are actually working. Many people have been programming on their iPads for years using that approach.

  • admin says:

    Thanks for the comment Wim! I guess that’s a solution, but then I have to learn to be productive in that environment which is not so easy I think i.e. learning about vi, tmux, etc.

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