Who the iPad Pro is for

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I am selling my iPad Pro*. It’s not for me. But I think the iPad Pro in its current state is a great machine for three specific types of persons.

One is a manager type that sends a lot of e-mails and travels a lot from place to place (I guess from meeting to meeting). The battery life and the fact that you always have a mobile internet connection makes it a much better suited device than a traditional laptop.

Based on my tests using the iPad on the train I also think it’s more comfortable than a laptop in a plane seat, but I haven’t been able to really verify that.

The second type of person that an iPad Pro would be great for is a writer. The large screen, the keyboard, the way iOS works – these three factors can make for some productive writing. Especially if you use apps that can help you focus on the writing itself like iA Writer.

The third type of person I think it would be great for is illustrators and artists. The Apple Pencil is the first device that really feels natural to draw with. I’ve seen some great speed-paint Youtube videos that really show off what a talented artist can do with it.

*If you’re interested take a look here.

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