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Set up a keyboard shortcut for tags in macOS Mojave

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I wanted to bind ⌥+⌘+T to be able to use macOS’s tags feature using a keyboard shortcut in The way to set it up is super vague, so I figured I would share that you need to do to make it work. First, set it up in System Preferences > Shortcuts. Attach the shortcut […]

On taking care of your digital belongings

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I tweeted “Just self-host your things. External services can change the rules at any minute and they will.” This was mostly in response to people complaining about Flickr’s recent policy change, which limits free accounts to show the 1000 latest photos. It’s also sort of a retort against Medium, a service I have been using […]

WWDC wishes

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WWDC is around the corner. Time to dream up what would be awesome, and then have a reality check tomorrow. Hardware An expandable Mac Pro with a competitive price vs. a Windows-based machine (Below €3-4k depending on options) . I want a machine where I can slot in 32Gb of RAM and a super great GPU (like a GTX1080 or something newer). […]

Why I bought a 2015 Macbook Pro

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In my last post computer conundrum I posted about the difficult choice of which machine to get. Over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about this problem, researching alternatives and considering every option. I use my computer for interface design work. In my free time I do some video editing. I want a machine that […]

Computer conundrum

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I have a retina Macbook Pro from 2012, and it has served me well. However, it’s practically dying (especially the battery), and I need a new Macbook. The recent Macbook announcement got me thinking: do I replace my Macbook and start carrying dongles around, or do I try to find an alternate solution? Apple announced […]

Who the iPad Pro is for

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I am selling my iPad Pro*. It’s not for me. But I think the iPad Pro in its current state is a great machine for three specific types of persons. One is a manager type that sends a lot of e-mails and travels a lot from place to place (I guess from meeting to meeting). […]

Using the iPad Pro as a graphic design tool

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At Mono we have this little side project where we are building an app to help people get proper HTML content out of their Keynote presentations. I wrote about the idea before in an earlier blog post. Said blog post describes a really clunky workflow to get a Keynote presentation to eventually become a website […]

iPad Pro – Part Three – Using the iPad as an external screen

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Time for part 3 of the iPad Pro review. I already wrote part 2 before, but I lost it due to having no clipboard history. See, that’s working on an iPad for you! An iPad acting as an external monitor. The iPad is showing the desktop version of Spotify using Duet. Anyway, I have to […]

iPad Pro – Part One – Introduction

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This is the start of a research article about the iPad Pro. My goal is to try and use the iPad Pro as a serious working device. Apple touts the iPad Pro as the future of computing. They say that it’s an uncompromising vision of personal computing for the modern world. That it makes complex […]

Bloomberg Terminal

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According to an episode of The Newsroom, the Bloomberg terminal is a $24,000 machine used wanted by traders to be able to watch the markets as closely as possible. According to their website it’s a software solution these days. Whatever may be the case, I thought the UI looked interesting. It seems pretty standard for […]