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About Windows laptops

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For a while I’ve been pondering to buy a Windows based laptop. Some of the user interface design work we do at Mono involves designing desktop applications on Windows. I dearly love macOS, but I also have to know “the other side” to do a good job. So the major reason is UI design, but Microsoft is actually playing […]

Looking for a very specific flowchart/diagramming app with updateable image references

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I am looking for an app that allows me to annotate PNG exports from design apps in another environment i.e. draw arrows, explain things, while keeping the original design as an external file reference. I would prefer if the app has an “infinite” canvas feature, where you can resize the app to the size you […]


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This weekend I took a walk and listened to a podcast episode of Nice To Meet You which featured DHH, the technical cofounder of Basecamp. I know a lot about Basecamp and their company values from reading their blog Signal v. Noise for over 10 years so everything David was saying was basically something I […]

Full Circle on Remoteness

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I think I’ve come full circle with my thoughts on working remotely. I worked remotely for about a year from Japan for my own company around 2015. I thought it was a brilliant idea: who doesn’t like the idea of working from anywhere? But I’ve come to realize that, while I got a lot done […]