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Coding on the iPad Pro: how?

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I am trying to find a solution to be able to use the iPad Pro for coding. So far what I’ve got is Coda where I can use the iPad in split screen mode to create a small website. It could be useful for some basic HTML/CSS work, but that’s about it. Ideally I’ll find […]

Using the iPad Pro as a second screen (2)

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I tried to use the iPad Air as an external screen using Duet in a client meeting… it was a disaster. First of all I couldn’t mirror my screen properly, so I was trying to control a second I couldn’t really see all that well. Then whenever I tried to go into full screen mode […]

iPad Pro – Ergonomics

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I didn’t write yesterday so today there are 2 blog posts. This is the first one. I have to say I don’t expect anyone to really read all of this in detail – this writing is just there to ultimately compile the most interesting bits in an article in the research section. But I guess […]

Using the iPad Pro as a graphic design tool

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At Mono we have this little side project where we are building an app to help people get proper HTML content out of their Keynote presentations. I wrote about the idea before in an earlier blog post. Said blog post describes a really clunky workflow to get a Keynote presentation to eventually become a website […]

iPad Pro – Tidbits (3)

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Graphic by Autodesk Yesterday I was talking to Sander Spolspoel, who is a freelance animator that specializes in small videos that explain concepts e.g. what a company does. You can find his website here. He’s had an iPad Pro since December. He uses it a lot for creative work. He showed me tons of drawings […]

iPad Pro – Tidbits (2)

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Skype Today I tested Skype on the iPad Pro. The camera is pretty good – it’s not full HD but it’s not bad at all. I had no issues Skyping with my colleague. One thing worth mentioning is that the angle is quite weird – it’s not frontal, it’s a bit “from below”. Like this:  […]

iPad Pro – Tidbits

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In my goal of writing about the iPad Pro everday, here’s some small bits that will eventually make it into the long research article. Apple Pencil I haven’t used the pencil at length. I am looking for an app where I can draw vectors but still see the underlying pixels so I can draw icons […]

iPad Pro – Part Three – Using the iPad as an external screen

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Time for part 3 of the iPad Pro review. I already wrote part 2 before, but I lost it due to having no clipboard history. See, that’s working on an iPad for you! An iPad acting as an external monitor. The iPad is showing the desktop version of Spotify using Duet. Anyway, I have to […]

iPad Pro – Part One – Introduction

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This is the start of a research article about the iPad Pro. My goal is to try and use the iPad Pro as a serious working device. Apple touts the iPad Pro as the future of computing. They say that it’s an uncompromising vision of personal computing for the modern world. That it makes complex […]