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We need a standards-based way to detect high contrast mode

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So, contrast. It’s one of the most important success criteria for passing WCAG. It was top of mind in this design project recently where a lot of the branding was orange, and the problem was that white text on orange buttons didn’t pass WCAG 2.1. The project was government-related and for a large audience so I […]

Digitalisering van de Go Pass/Rail Pass is nodig

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KBC is de 1e bank om de aanschaf van treintickets toe te voegen aan de mobiele app. Ik kan dit alleen maar toejuichen. De kwaliteit van de mobiele KBC app is erg hoog. Ik hoop dat ze dezelfde kwaliteit kunnen bewaren in deze ervaring. Ik meen dat het al langer mogelijk is om trein tickets te […]

Set up a keyboard shortcut for tags in macOS Mojave

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I wanted to bind ⌥+⌘+T to be able to use macOS’s tags feature using a keyboard shortcut in The way to set it up is super vague, so I figured I would share that you need to do to make it work. First, set it up in System Preferences > Shortcuts. Attach the shortcut […]

On taking care of your digital belongings

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I tweeted “Just self-host your things. External services can change the rules at any minute and they will.” This was mostly in response to people complaining about Flickr’s recent policy change, which limits free accounts to show the 1000 latest photos. It’s also sort of a retort against Medium, a service I have been using […]