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January Films (4)

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As my last film of January I saw The Shape of Water. This is a fantastic movie that is just pure cinema. Some call it a fairytale, some talk about it being a metaphor for the “increasing modern-day non-acceptance of people outside the norm”. Honestly, what I see is Guillermo Del Toro doing what he […]

January films (3)

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I was in a screening of The Post. The average age in the room must’ve been higher than 50… probably the people who were alive when all of this happened. This film has gotten some good reviews but it didn’t really do it for me. I didn’t connect with the film at all. There was good imagery and a great […]

January Films (2)

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Maybe it’s because I am now a recent convert to the Church, or maybe it’s because I am looking for excuses to get my steps per day up, but I’ve been going to the cinema so often, it’s a bit crazy. Just today, I cancelled my Netflix account in a vow to be more picky in what “content I […]

January Films

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A few days I subscribed to the Kermode podcast. I listened to one very long episode and I already love it. They were talking about Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (★★★), and even interviewed the director Martin McDonagh. Last night I saw this film and I must say it was very, very good. It even surpassed Molly’s […]


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A new year, and a bit of difficulties in business led me to a lot of thinking. This post doesn’t have a lot of structure, but I hope the combined thoughts make some sense and give you something to think about as well. In my day job, I am a UI designer, and most of […]