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IntelliJ Idea: run stylelint after save

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It is time to drop some esoteric knowledge again, for the Googling people that get into the same pickle as me. And for myself, when I have this problem on a new machine. So the problem is as follows: sometimes you get into a situation where formatting on save goes against the rules set in […]

SvelteKit form actions are the bomb

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In the video above I demonstrate a little app and its code in a slightly unorderly fashion, so I thought I’d put some words down and hopefully make things more clear. First of all, this is just a demo app and not a real-life application, although it contains concepts that a real-life application will need […]


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Ik heb zitten nadenken over de veranderingen in WordPress 6 “Arturo”, met als nieuwigheid dat full-site editing gegeven. Ik heb dat eigenlijk eerlijk gezegd nog nooit zien werken in de praktijk, dus ik sta daar wat skeptisch tegenover. Voor een eenvoudige website zie ik het nog wel werken, maar ergens ook weer niet. Elke vrijheid […]