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Screenshot to layout: landing page & usage update

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I whipped up a quick landing page at . It contains instructions on how to get started and a quick demo. It’s pretty ugly but will do the job for now I think. I released the plugin for free earlier this week, hoping to get some feedback from Figma users. So far a few […]

Screenshot to Layout released for free

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You can use my Figma plugin Screenshot to Layout to generate editable text from a screenshot. Select an image in Figma, run the plugin command “Process image”, and then see a Figma layout appear with editable text. You can see how it works in this video: This plugin is extremely useful to quickly start working […]

Obra Icons indie report: how I launched – how it’s going. 2 sales, but powering on.

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I launched an indie project called Obra Icons on October 1st. This is a report of how it’s going. The initial version took me about 7 days of work total + around 3 days of external freelancer’s work to work out the initial version. What is it? It’s a set of 750+ vector icons, both […]