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Hey all, my bootstrapping journey is reaching an exciting point where we are able to provide real value to designers with the Obra Figma plugins, starting with the Screenshot to Layout plugin.

To bring things over the finish line, I am looking for a Svelte developer with (some) design chops to develop and fine tune more of the user journey.  Most of the work would be happening in August.

There are lots of details to be handled, and I am looking for a communicative developer who can execute work but at the same time bring their own thinking to make the end result better.

Skills I am looking for are:

  • JS/TS + Svelte + Sveltekit knowledge
  • Insight in Figma

Bonus if

  • You can develop Figma plugins

Extra pro

  • Supabase knowledge

The biggest part of the job would be Svelte and Sveltekit related.

If you are interested to work with me, reach out with your portfolio/resume/personal site, your hourly tariff or pricing logic, to

1 Comment

  • Sharad Chandra says:

    Hey! I am a Svelte developer with products under my belt. Let me know if interested to pursue.

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