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I’m pretty tired of some small-time bullshit that I see on Twitter sometimes. Some people really take their self-promotion too far. Today I was reminded of someone, who, whenever I met him in real life thought he was a cool guy. I respect most of his writing and opinions. In fact I probably learned a […]

Time for a new quality CSS framework

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There are two main schools of thought in CSS frameworks. There is the old guard (Foundation/Bootstrap) that is good for entry level work/learning but creates problems on bigger projects due to style leakage and not enough strictness in namespacing. Then there is a new logic with lots of utility classes (which might get recompiled to […]


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Hidde added a blog roll to his website. No, this is not 2006, it’s 2019 – but the blog roll is making a comeback! I made my own blog roll, which for now is just this blog post. I added some topical #hashtags to help you find something you like: CSS Tricks #css #frontend #dev […]