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Digitalisering van de Go Pass/Rail Pass is nodig

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KBC is de 1e bank om de aanschaf van treintickets toe te voegen aan de mobiele app. Ik kan dit alleen maar toejuichen. De kwaliteit van de mobiele KBC app is erg hoog. Ik hoop dat ze dezelfde kwaliteit kunnen bewaren in deze ervaring. Ik meen dat het al langer mogelijk is om trein tickets te […]

Remove newbie UI from AI/PS

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You can remove the (slow) newbie-friendly UI in both PS and AI by unchecking “Show The Start Workspace When No Documents Are Open” and chcking the “Use legacy ”File new” interface”. Good stuff 👍.

Subform app

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While preparing a potential talk for the UI design tooling meetup* I took a look at Subform. It recently entered beta, with a monthly $25 fee to test the app. At first this move felt weird to me, but I know how hard independent software development is, so I understand this decision. Subform was announced […]

Symbol workflow in Sketch 3.7

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As posted in a comment on Designer News: I love the new Sketch features and in fact they have been helping my current workflow a lot. I am working on a project with a ton of complex forms. My symbols look a bit like this depicting every state of the form: This is just 1 […]

Native = expensive

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I was reading another article in the great native vs. web discussion. And then I thought: native apps are all fine and dandy, but how many companies can actually afford to maintain a mobile application? In Belgium some banks and some newspapers have apps, there are some hobbyist games, and I know a few indie […]