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How to build zero to one inside a company

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This video really spoke to me. Mihika’s product management style reminds me of how I work, a lot! I was nodding in agreement all the way. Must-watch if you are involved in product decisions in any way.

Feedback 🤝 Feedback

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I am looking for people who want to test drive the new Screenshot to Layout plugin for Figma. I am specifically looking for people who want to jump on a short call, share their screen and share their experience. It would be awesome to do some usability testing after all these months of work. If […]

Type variables in Figma – variable font workaround

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Having been released this week, type variables are the new hotness in Figma. If you want to know the details I recommend this excellent post by Joey Banks. While his post is a general overview, this blog post is more about solving a specific niche issue: the design system I work on uses variable fonts, […]