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Sim racing (3)

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Zie de vorige delen in deze reeks: Sim Racing (1) Sim Racing (2) Nooit gedacht dat een nieuwe hobby zo’n blijver ging zijn. Na het uitgebreid testen van Assetto Corsa 1 was ik op een bepaald moment de ongebalanceerde AI van het spel een beetje beu en keek ik naar andere horizonten. Zelfs met de […]

Skilliverse demo

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A demo I made of my “skilliverse” app that I made with Svelte.

Improving my programming skills

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Somewhere this year I started a journey to learn some more Javascript, mostly triggered by wanting to reach a next level in terms of user interface. In August the learning suddenly accelerated fast, mostly by getting excited about Svelte and finding myself with some extra time on my hands for the first time in a […]

Svelte screencasts

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I made some screencasts showing how to implement components in Svelte. Implement a Card component with Svelte 3 Implement a Table view with Svelte 3 I am working on a UI framework/method to rapidly prototype interfaces. As I build it I thought I would strategically record certain parts so our team and others can learn […]

Overengineered packages?

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Is a package like classnames “overengineered”? I stated on Twitter that a package called classnames felt overengineered to me. I based myself on the npm page where this code example is given: var btnClass = classNames(‘btn’, this.props.className, {  ‘btn-pressed’: this.state.isPressed,  ‘btn-over’: !this.state.isPressed && this.state.isHovered}); The first reason I felt this was overengineered was because this kind of code actually belongs in […]

Figma plugin shortcuts

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The shortcut to run the last plugin in Figma is ⌥ ⌘ + P. Alternatively you can use ⌘+/to bring up the global command menu and type the name of the plugin. You can also set up a custom shortcut in MacOS’s Shortcuts panel based on the plugin name. I didn’t do this yet in […]

To caps or not to caps?

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Zoals zo vaak wordt een blog post getriggerd door een tweet. En een tweet door een gedachte. Roel, die ik persoonlijk al vele jaren ken, vertelde ons een paar weken geleden in een professionele context (een excellente audit door zijn bedrijf 11ways) dat het opletten is als je tekst in uppercase zet in je interfaces. […]

Svelte: dynamic CSS classes

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I might start writing some blog posts to keep up with learning Svelte. I wrote this one, more might follow, but I am not promising anything ;). The first topic of today is :class. Take a look at this code, we add a class of .blue when foo is true: <script> var foo = true; […]