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Re: The technical side of design systems

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(or: should designers write React code?) This is some extended writing that got kickstarted by watching Brad Frost’s talk about Design Systems at the recent CSS Day 2019. If you are interested the video is online. Before the conference I had heard a podcast episode where Brad was talking about design vs. dev and design […]

De nieuwe NMBS website is niet toegankelijk

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Ik postte er net een draadje over op Twitter. De nieuwe NMBS website is totaal niet toegankelijk. De website was een tijdje in een soort beta-vorm, en dan heb ik het door de vingers gezien om er over te klagen. Maar nu is de website toch al een tijdje uit, en heeft NMBS ook besloten […]

CSS day 2019 – Part 1: UI special (2/2)

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Continuing on from my first post about the first day of CSS day, here’s the second post which covers two more talks. The CSS day team already put up all the videos from CSS day on YouTube, so you can already watch all of the talks! Amazing. 1.5 Brad Frost – The technical side of […]

CSS day 2019 – Part 1: UI special (1/2)

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I wrote so much about CSS day that I decided to split the content in multiple blog posts. I posted the intro yesterday. Now it’s time to get into the talks. CSS day is a 2 day conference. Day one was the “UI day” with a focus on design talks, often zooming in on the […]

CSS day 2019 is over (and it was great!)

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Just like last year I went to CSS day – and I had a blast. Two days filled with a well curated programme. Perfect organization in a perfect venue. This year I took two of my colleagues along – Eva and Emily – and judging from their feedback they had a great time as well. […]

Wat ik wil zien in een designer sollicitatie

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Ik heb de laatste tijd redelijk veel sollicitaties binnen gekregen. Wij zoeken namelijk nog altijd nieuwe designers bij Mono. In deze post wil ik graag ingaan op wat ik graag zie bij een sollicitatie. Waar ik op let, en wat ik belangrijk vind. Het begin: de motivatie Eén: stuur een motivatie. Stuur me niet gewoon […]

Thoughts on SF Symbols

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I was typing up a comment to Bramus’s blog post, but it got a bit long, so posting it as a blog post here. I saw the WWDC session on SF symbols – and it is great & interesting work. I am happy there is some standardization in iOS’s icons because things were going the […]