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Bloomberg Terminal

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According to an episode of The Newsroom, the Bloomberg terminal is a $24,000 machine used wanted by traders to be able to watch the markets as closely as possible. According to their website it’s a software solution these days. Whatever may be the case, I thought the UI looked interesting. It seems pretty standard for […]

The fastest way to convert images

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For me, this is the quickest way to convert and optimize a bunch of images. This example converts a bunch of PNGs in JPGs and resizes them to a width of 1100 pixels. It then opens ImageOptim to further optimize the output. Install ImageOptim Install ImageMagick – if you have Brew the quickest way is: […]

UI in Jurassic World trailer

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When I watch science fiction films – or any film really, I am always fascinated by how computers are displayed. Here are some UI screen grabs from the just-released Jurassic World trailer: And one from the original film: A map with color coding seems more useful to me than an all-blue/black one.

Old Masters

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Now I am 79. I’ve written many hundreds of essays, 10 times that number of misbegotten drafts both early and late, and I begin to understand that failure is its own reward. It is in the effort to close the distance between the work imagined and the work achieved wherein it is to be found […]