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Re: The Death of the Agency Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

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The Death of the Agency Has Been Greatly Exaggerated: “Now this doesn’t mean that agencies won’t struggle. With services like SquareSpace and Shopify eating into the lower end of the market, I think many smaller agencies or individuals will find it difficult to complete.” I think the opposite is true, services like Squarespace and Shopify […]


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Taco Bell recently lobbied the Unicode Consortium to add a taco emoji to its keyboard. The brand circulated a petition that’s secured 30,000 signatures. Here’s Why Your Favorite Brands Are Making Their Own Emoticons →

The State of Hiring

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There’s another alternative too. Companies like Automattic (WordPress) require a one month no-obligation trial before any new employee is officially hired. This works for them, but can have its downsides too. The lack of commitment on the company’s behalf may deter potential candidates. This is clearly a cost Automattic is willing to take though, as […]