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Overindexing on the system

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Have you ever seen the LEGO documentary on Disney+? It talks about the history of LEGO and if you’ve seen it, you might be familiar with a phrase that’s said many times in this documentary: new Lego products should be part of the system. The original LEGO designers envisioned a system, mostly based around the […]

Three types of product designs

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In the previous post, I wrote: Designing gives you the chance to evaluate solutions before they have to be implemented. You diverge to converge. There is still a possibility space, but once you are in the implementation zone, that space changes to more of an impossibility space. Scope gets locked down and in order to […]

2 years of in-house product design

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A few days ago marked the day I’ve been working in-house for 2 years. I think overall I am very happy with my decision to go in-house as a product designer. I gained a new perspective by working on a product full-time for a longer time. The depth in which you can go as an […]