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Tweaking a plugin to provide batch translations in Figma

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This probably the nichest of niche blogposts, but if anyone finds themselves in this situation, here’s some help. I wanted to translate an entire Figma document to another language. The document contains about 20 screens with a moderate amount of text layers on every screen. The use case was to do a usability test in […]

Everything must go to shit, KBC Mobile edition

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Ik kloeg er al over op Twitter maar ik kan er eigenlijk niet over, hoe een bedrijf met de resources van KBC een app kan shippen die bij elke release achteruit gaat in plaats van vooruit. Mijn kritiek staat los van de discussies rond voetbaluitslagen of het integreren van allerlei diensten om de WeChat van […]

UX gone wrong

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I just read Jesse James Garret’s FastCompany article about the bad turn the UX industry has taken. I can’t say I disagree – here’s my take. What I’ve seen the last few years is that plenty of companies jumped on the UX bandwagon having read little more than a poor summary of a poor design […]