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Better ways to work: 37Signals

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It’s funny how we think that “everyone knows” something, and it turns out that that really isn’t the case. I was having a conversation about what I want Mono to be, and I referenced 37Signals (now known as Basecamp). The other person didn’t know that company, and I thought: huh? How can you not know […]

Icon sets

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I am compiling a list of high quality icon sets. Here’s what I have: AIGA symbol signs Glyphish Nova Geomicons Font Awesome Helveticons Entypo Glyphicons Picons Maki Octicons Pictos Symbolicons Any favorites welcome in the comments!

What is the point of a hackathon?

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These days I am getting all these e-mails to join hackathons about certain topics. I wonder what the organisations that set up hackathons are actually hoping to achieve. They are usually set up by government funded organisations (like MIC and VRT) and by big government funded companies (Proximus, Bpost) I once participated in Apps for […]

Signage (2)

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Remember that post about the new Belgian Railways signage? Apparently they added a tutorial. Photo via Rik.

Branding needs to be a separate job

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Some time ago, I used to make a lot of these “brochure” type websites. What frustrated me back then was that more often than not I was forced into an uncomfortable position. I had to make a good website, but the client’s branding would be subpar. Their logo wouldn’t be any good, they would have […]


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I mention CRUD a lot, and then people have this look on their face like they don’t know what I’m talking about. So I think I’ll explain CRUD, this way I can always link back this article. In software there is this term called CRUD, which stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete (sometimes called Destroy). […]

Native = expensive

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I was reading another article in the great native vs. web discussion. And then I thought: native apps are all fine and dandy, but how many companies can actually afford to maintain a mobile application? In Belgium some banks and some newspapers have apps, there are some hobbyist games, and I know a few indie […]

Simple flexbox check

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I love Modernizr to check if a browser support a certain CSS feature, but I found myself in the situation where I only had to check for flexbox support. In this case, it seems a bit ridiculous to load Modernizr. You can use the following code instead: Via Ethan Marcotte’s article “Putting My Patterns through […]

Designing for performance

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In 2015 there were two talks that kept me thinking for a few days. They are “The website obesity crisis” by Maciej Ceglowski and “Delivering Responsibly” by Scott Jehl. Both authors went to great lengths to make their talk available as a responsive web page. This is important because it underlines the points of their […]