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Time to bootstrap

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I am starting something on the side, with the goal of bootstrapping a side business. The idea is to build in public build something that’s real (people can sign up, use it, it provides value) see if ideas get traction (or not) experiment and learn new things In the past I’ve worked on small products […]


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Joe Chesky, AirBnB CEO makes an observation on why designers never run companies in his sit-down with Figma CEO Dylan Field titled “Leading through uncertainty”: “…I think because design, in some ways, is fragile. Companies are organized around a scientific method. And the creative process is something that requires nerve. And over the years, I […]

CSS Day 2023

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This week I went to the CSS day conference. It had been 5 years since I had joined CSS day (with no editions in 2020 & 2021), and I was glad to once again visit Amsterdam for an excellently organized two days of talks about CSS. The conference kicked off with Una Kravets from the […]