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From the README: If you are one of the holdouts who is still using Textmate and codes in Pug, you will find that there are a lot of outdated bundles out there. I use this one which provides the correct syntax highlighting. It’s not perfect but it’s the best I have. It’s a modified version […]

My go-to utilities for macOS

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Part of what makes the Mac so great is the slew of utility apps to improve your productivity. Here’s a list of my favorites, most of which I have used for many years. SizeUp is a window manager. I use it to put windows on the left or right half of my screen, or easily maximize […]

Rollende hellingen

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Er is een nieuwe feature in Basecamp: de rolling hill chart. Ik moet toch efkes lachen hiermee. Ik volg Basecamp als bedrijf al jaren en ik ben mee met veel van hun ideeën. Maar tegenwoordig gaan ze toch vaak in de mist. Zoals die keer dat ze hun staigair een breadcrumb navigatie hadden laten maken, […]