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Resilient Web Design

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“Resilient Web Design” by @adactio is an important book. Many of the references are among the best writing I’ve read during years of learning about web design. My only critique that – as a designer of highly interactive applications – the example of PE is way too simplistic. But I guess that’s just where I’ve […]

Act your size

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Jason Fried on why there’s no need to put up a front: Bullshitting about scale is only part of the problem. There’s an awful lot of resumé enhancement going on as well. Think about what’s really happening when you see, say, Apple on someone’s client list. Do you think the person really worked for Apple? […]

A CSS nerd question about render scaling and viewport meta tags

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We can set a site to be responsive with the standard meta tag to do so:   <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width”> This will adapt the content to the viewport width. We can also explicitly set a width – this is pretty uncommon, but it’s possible:   <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=1024″> This will render the content at 1024. […]

VR bits (2): VR accessories

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At CES 2017, HTC announced the HTC Vive tracker, which is kind of an accessory to create other VR accessories. The idea is that you attach it to real-life objects to then use these in VR. For example you could attach it to a (special) baseball bat, which would enable you to bat in VR. […]

VR/AR bits

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TPCast is a wireless adapter for the HTC Vive that allows you to use the device untethered. According to Norman Chan of it works near flawlessly (Youtube video). Here’s a player in the VR Space I did not hear about yet: ODG. They raised a $58 million financing round recently. Their history seems to be in […]