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Figma tutorials

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I wrote a few Figma tutorials last night. The original plan was to write a small tutorial but I ended up writing this huge thing in different parts. Here’s an organised list of links to the articles: Tutorial 1: Basic organisation Tutorial 2: Style overrides Tutorial 3: Component matching  Tutorial 4: Working with multiple pages and global […]

Variable fonts are here, and they are awesome

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Yesterday I bought Flexible typesetting by Tim Brown. This inspired me to do some experiments with variable fonts, which you can find here. The code behind that website is on Github, so if you are curious, you can check it out here. I quite like the concept. Having access to so many font variations from […]

My go-to utilities for macOS

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Part of what makes the Mac so great is the slew of utility apps to improve your productivity. Here’s a list of my favorites, most of which I have used for many years. SizeUp is a window manager. I use it to put windows on the left or right half of my screen, or easily maximize […]