Being a UI designer means…

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Last week I gave a talk on understanding UI design, which you can check out on YouTube here.

A bit related, I found this old note on my computer. I don’t know when I wrote this. But I figured I’d post it to my blog.

Being a UI designer means…

  1. Discussing the difference between UI and UX at length
  2. Watching science fiction movies and drooling over the interfaces
  3. Reading application update notes
  4. Watching the WWDC keynote to check what changed in Mac OS
  5. Drawing a lot of boxes and arrows
  6. Playing video games using “research” as an excuse
  7. Having multiple phones because you need to research the differences between iPhone and Android
  8. Reading design guides created with the best of intentions and then just doing what you like anyway
  9. Installing betas of operating systems with the risk of damaging your main machine and then complaining about the bugs
  10. Reading typography books even if you can’t really use many fonts in your work
  11. Coding prototypes
  12. Reading up on the latest CSS features
  13. Trying to learn the latest in Javascript but giving up because it’s too intense
  14. Learning about your clients specific domain
  15. Arguing against custom UI while simultaneously loving it

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