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Bestaat dat nog, designhelden? Ik heb mijn boek van Sagmeister nog eens vastgepakt dit weekend.

Ik was al in het begin van een creatieve fase, en dan zijn de adviesjes die hier in staan wonderlijk inspirerend.

Lees even mee:


I FIND IT DIFFICULT to work on anything new while exposed to regular day-to-day pressure. It seems so much easier to let my brain slip into previously formed grooves and allow it to function in ways that have proved to work before. 

MOST MUSICIANS, DESIGNERS, AND ARCHITECTS whose work I enjoy have instituted a scheduled experimentation period into their practice. The keyword here appears to be scheduled. I have found unscheduled experimentation sessions are easily crowded out by deadline- driven projects. 

AFTER SEVEN YEARS of running a studio, I decided in the year 2000 not to take on any client projects for a full year. While on the surface the previous year had been the most successful to date—the studio’s designs had won gold medals from Tokyo to Moscow and the then-booming economy had filled our coffers—underneath it I was having less and less fun in the office, and the work was becoming mediocre and repetitive. I thought I really needed space to experiment and dream up bigger pictures. I wanted some room to reevaluate  what we were doing, decide what I wanted to say, and indulge in labor- intensive design obsessions for which there was never enough tine during regular working periods.

I FOUND during a workshop at Cranbrook Academy of Art, close to Detroit, that I had become envious of the students’ ability to spend the whole of their waking hours experimenting. Then the designer Ed Fella came to my studio in New York and showed off all his wonderful sketchbooks filled with typographic experiments. That did it: I settled on a starting date of  September 2000. 

From: Things I have learned in my life so far, Stefan Sagmeister

Ik heb zo ook mijn creatief project gestart. Het is nu niet dat ik radicaal dat ik onze studio ga sluiten voor een jaar. Maar ik ga er wel aan werken. Ik ben gemotiveerd. Je kan de embryonale beginselen volgen via #wolfrcp1.

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