Using the iPad Pro as a graphic design tool

June 26, 2016

At Mono we have this little side project where we are building an app to help people get proper HTML content out of their Keynote presentations.

I wrote about the idea before in an earlier blog post. Said blog post describes a really clunky workflow to get a Keynote presentation to eventually become a website like this. We are building an app to make it easy enough for anyone to do.

Anyway, the app needs an icon, and I needed an excuse to learn more about using the iPad Pro as a graphic design tool.

After some trial and error with various apps I settled on using Graphic by Autodesk to try and create a first version of the icon. I based myself of off an existing sketch made on paper.

In the process I had to learn a lot about Graphic as a tool itself. Overall I thought it was interesting because it felt much more natural to manipulate vector points with a pen. Whereas with a mouse you are always struggling a bit to put something in the right position, with a pen it just feels more natural.

The end result is not really up to my standards to be a proper Mac app icon, and I’ll probably discard this. But I can sense some potential here… especially if there’s good handoff between a Mac app and an iPad app, the iPad app could be used for tweaking the details whereas the Mac app could be used to paint the broad strokes.

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