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Join the Doccle design team as a UI/UX designer

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At Doccle, we are seeking a talented UI/UX designer with a passion for creating intuitive and engaging user interfaces. Who we are looking for exactly is listed on this job listing. In short, we are looking for a candidate with 2-5 years of experience, that is ready to join a product team focussed on […]

How to build zero to one inside a company

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This video really spoke to me. Mihika’s product management style reminds me of how I work, a lot! I was nodding in agreement all the way. Must-watch if you are involved in product decisions in any way.

Feedback 🤝 Feedback

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I am looking for people who want to test drive the new Screenshot to Layout plugin for Figma. I am specifically looking for people who want to jump on a short call, share their screen and share their experience. It would be awesome to do some usability testing after all these months of work. If […]

Type variables in Figma – variable font workaround

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Having been released this week, type variables are the new hotness in Figma. If you want to know the details I recommend this excellent post by Joey Banks. While his post is a general overview, this blog post is more about solving a specific niche issue: the design system I work on uses variable fonts, […]

Overindexing on the system

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Have you ever seen the LEGO documentary on Disney+? It talks about the history of LEGO and if you’ve seen it, you might be familiar with a phrase that’s said many times in this documentary: new Lego products should be part of the system. The original LEGO designers envisioned a system, mostly based around the […]

Three types of product designs

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In the previous post, I wrote: Designing gives you the chance to evaluate solutions before they have to be implemented. You diverge to converge. There is still a possibility space, but once you are in the implementation zone, that space changes to more of an impossibility space. Scope gets locked down and in order to […]

2 years of in-house product design

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A few days ago marked the day I’ve been working in-house for 2 years. I think overall I am very happy with my decision to go in-house as a product designer. I gained a new perspective by working on a product full-time for a longer time. The depth in which you can go as an […]

The case for design engineers

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Good post from Jim Nielsen about the case for design engineers. He gives a good example of the kind of implementation detail where you might need insight from both the design and dev perspective. I find that some of my best work came from where code intersected with design. Lately I am on a path […]

Mexico (3)

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Ik las net mijn vorige posts over Mexico, die ik schreef op het moment dat ik hier 1,5 maand en 2,5 maand was. Nu ben ik hier één jaar en ongeveer twee maanden. En het ziet ernaar uit dat ik hier nog een hele tijd ga zijn. Werk Qua werk sta ik nog altijd rond […]

Thinking through the contour feature of Screenshot to Layout

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Earlier this week I thought through the contour feature for Screenshot to Layout . This is a future feature, that essentially adds a second layer of output to the plugin, with the goal of visualizing clear shapes in the processed screenshot, so that the designer can use it as a reference point for further work. […]